Are you a skinny guy? If you can't seem to gain weight no matter how much you eat and how much you lift weights - I'm giving you...

"The Skinny Guy's Step-By-Step Blueprint For Gaining Weight And Building Muscle Fast"

It works no matter how skinny you are, and even if you've tried to gain weight and failed in the past...

  • Are you a skinny guy, or "hardgainer"... who can't seem to gain muscle mass - no matter how any hours you spend in the gym lifting weights?

  • Have you tried eating more food to gain weight... But when you step on the scale you find out you didn't gain a pound?

  • Are you sick of spending your money on worthless supplements that promise to help you pack on muscle - but get no results?

Then this is the most important letter you may ever read in your life...

"Finally! Former skinny guy, Jeff Masterson breaks his silence to teach YOU his powerful "underground" muscle-building techniques that anyone can use to pack on slabs of rock-hard muscle WITHOUT dangerous steroids, bogus supplements, or slaving away for hours in the gym!"

I personally guarantee that the methods I've learned for gaining weight and building muscle will save you months... even years of wasted time and effort.

If you're STILL struggling to gain weight... eating a like a horse and not gaining a pound... working out non-stop with no muscle gains to show for it...

...Then you're about to discover the most POWERFUL, effective way to gain weight and build muscle mass quickly. All without using drugs or silly fad supplements.

I don't care if you've tried everything to gain weight and failed before! The little-known methods I'm about to reveal to you right now will get you growing like a weed.

From: Jeff Masterson, Allentown, Pennsylvania
Date: Tuesday, 9:43 a.m.

Dear fellow skinny guy,


ow would you feel if you could suddenly pack on pack on more muscle in a single month than most guys gain in a year?

Would you feel more confident? Would girls look at you differently? Would you finally feel like a real man - like nobody could mess with you?

What if I could hand you a step-by-step "Battlefield Tested" blueprint that gave you simple methods you could use to FORCE your skinny body to grow into a bigger, stronger, more muscular version of yourself?

That blueprint does exist...

And by stumbling upon this letter you've actually just gained an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE over all the other guys trying to gain weight and pack on muscle mass...

You'll discover why in a moment - When you realize that your skinny body is only temporary... And you're about to experience mind-boggling growth over the next few weeks.

You see, not long ago I was in your exact shoes so I know how you feel...

I Wanted To GAIN WEIGHT... Bad!

I had it up to HERE with busting my ass in the gym 6 days a week only to step on the scale and discover I was the same size as last month.
I was TIRED of spending hundreds of dollars a month on worthless over-hyped supplements that did nothing for me but drain my bank account.
And I was SICK of my friends and family commenting on how freakin' skinny I was and telling me I "needed to gain some weight."

But when I was searching desperately for a way to gain weight and build muscle there was no blueprint to follow! Yeah, I had to figure it out the hard way... Through trial and error... Like a sucker.

Some people told me I'd "fill out" once I hit a certain age. Well, that never happened.

Some people told me to just accept the fact that "being skinny was in my genes." But that answer wasn't good enough for me.

And to top it all off...

Scrawniest Guy In The Room

I was the 6'2" tall, skinny "beanpole'" in the gym, next to all the big, strong meatheads, trying to lift weights... Wondering why I wasn't growing!

I even used to wear 2 or 3 t-shirts in the summertime just to add an extra half-inch to my body and look just a little bigger.

...But that was a temporary solution to a much bigger problem, and I didn't want to have to hide under baggy clothes for the rest of my life.

I Knew There Had To Be Something
I Was Missing... Some Reason I
Wasn't Gaining Muscle.

So I took these 2 embarrassing pictures as motivation ...And swore I would put on weight.

This embarrassing photo shows just how SKINNY I really was... As you can see I wasn't born with the natural ability to build muscle. In this picture I weighed just 142 pounds at 6 foot 2... And had basically no muscle mass.

Yep, I started off pretty skinny... probably a lot like you!

But that's okay because today, I weigh in at 205 pounds... so I've managed to gain a total of 63 pounds of muscle since then... And I'm going to show you exactly how I did it!

I've tested a LOT of different methods for gaining weight and building muscle mass.

I've found a lot of methods that DON'T work...

I've found a lot of methods that work SLOWLY...

And I've found 1 method that works extremely FAST...

This is the method I'm going to reveal to you today.

But first I want to ask you...

What would YOU look like with an extra 25+ pounds of muscle on you?

Keep reading and I'll show you how it's possible.

Make a decision right now that today is the LAST day you're going to accept being a skinny guy.

You are going to start gaining weight TODAY!

I vividly remember the day I decided to start gaining weight...

I was at the basketball court playing 2-on-2. My friend Kyle and I were playing against a few guys we just met.

One of the guys said, "Hey, someone cover the string bean!"

He didn't even bother to call me by my real name all night. He simply called me "string bean" and "chicken legs" for the rest of the night.

I was more than pissed...

I was SICK of being the skinny guy and getting disrespected for it.

You know how it is – When you're skinny, nobody can take you seriously! When I got back to my house that night I was still worked up and told myself,


"I'm Going To Gain Weight NOW –
Whatever It Takes!"

So when I got home... In my rage, I just crammed everything I could down my throat from cereal to chicken. I even went and made myself a steak.

I continued force-feeding myself for the rest of the week thinking this HAD to help get me bigger!

The problem was, it didn't do JACK to help me gain weight...

So I jumped in my car and darted straight over to GNC... a supplement store.

I ran right over to the section with all the men's muscle building supplements and picked up a big 'ol tub of...


"Oh yes," I thought... "This is exactly what I need! All I have to do is take this powder and I'll start gaining weight!?"

I asked the sales guy behind the counter if the stuff worked. "Oh yeah" he said of course...

I read the label and saw a bunch of ingredients I didn't even know how to pronounce. I thought to myself... "Well they couldn't sell the stuff if it didn't work, right?"

I even asked the sales guy, "So do I need to work out or lift weights or anything or can I just take this and I'll gain weight?"

"Well it would probably help to lift weights..." He said sheepishly... "But you can just take that and you'll do fine."


Boy was I ignorant.

I dished out the $65 for the big tub of weight gainer and away I went. The sales guy got my money and I thought my weight gain answer was in the shopping bag I just walked away with.


After a whole tub of weight gainer and $65 bucks down the drain I was left with my same skinny body... Only this time I had a little "skinny guy gut" to go along with it.

...I found out that weight gainers are nothing but glorified protein powder with a bunch of added junk that you don't want to put in your body. Which explains why it did nothing but add stomach fat.

Lesson learned. So I just need to start lifting weights, right?

So I Hit The Gym HARD... 6 Days A Week.

I also took creatine, protein powder, testosterone boosters, glutamine, NO-Xplode and every other supplement I could get my hands on.

I crammed all the food I could into my mouth in order to bulk up.

Week-after-week... Month-after-month - I stuck with my plan.

And what did I get for all my effort?

NOTHING! Zip... Nada...

Ok, so I managed to gain some weight... After about a year. Wanna know how much?

Hold your breath...

After an entire year of blood, sweat, and tears... Working my butt off in the gym... Stuffing my face with food... And spending hundreds... maybe THOUSANDS of dollars on worthless supplements... I managed to gain a whopping 9 pounds.

9 pounds in a year. Wow. I was expecting more than that. That's less than 1 pound a month!

And worst of all, with my tall, skinny 6' 2" body, that measly 9 pounds wasn't even noticeable!

In fact, nobody ever said a single word to me about my pathetic little gains. I was still the "skinny guy" and I was embarrassed to tell people that I've been working out regularly for a year.

Obviously I Was Doing Something
VERY Wrong...

Another Year Passed And I Was Still Skinny.
...Even After Busting My Ass In The Gym!

Another few years passed and after all that time I only gained a few more pounds. I was up to 167 pounds and I still looked skinny... At this rate it would take me another 4 YEARS until I broke 200 pounds! I was still spinning my wheels, getting painfully slow results.

I knew I needed a real plan from someone who had done this before.

I did research and collected information from various trainers and other previously skinny guys who had successfully gained weight and found out exactly what they did to go from skinny to muscular.

I applied some of their techniques and...

I FINALLY Started Making
Some Faster Gains...

At my first attempt at my new plan, using the new methods I'd discovered, it started working...

I started gaining about half a pound each week.

This was better... But it still wasn't enough. I knew I could gain more weight... Even faster!

I kept making small changes and observing the results. I turned my body into an experimental weight gain machine.

And with a little more trial and error, I perfected a system that grew my body 10 times faster than I was previously growing.

Once I applied these new techniques...

I Immediately Packed On 38 Pounds Of Solid Muscle Mass!

I painstakingly tested my plan over and over until I finally had it dialed in perfectly...

Although I still didn't look like Arnold Schwarzenegger, I did have to buy all new clothes to fit my larger, more muscular body.

The transformation happened so fast...

My Closest Friends Accused Me

Of course they were joking.

But this time they weren't joking about my "chicken legs" ...that's when I knew I was on to something BIG.

After YEARS of worrying about being too skinny... my clothes not fitting right... and being flat-out embarrassed to take my shirt off in public...

This one little secret was all I needed to defeat my skinny genes once and for all. And believe me I wasn't looking back.

Now I had people cornering me asking:

"So How Did You Defeat Your Skinny Genetics And Bulk Up So Quickly?"

Well, hindsight is 20/20 and looking back, I should have seen the writing on the wall.

I 'd go to the gym and see the big-muscle dudes and it made me green with envy. How did they get so big, while I couldn't manage to gain a pound?

What was I doing wrong?

Why couldn't I gain weight?

This is about the time I realized I was a "hardgainer."

I always knew I was skinny... But after doing my research it hit me like a ton of bricks and I realized there was an even BIGGER problem.

I was taking advice from the wrong people!

Once I realized this SHOCKING truth, I changed everything I was doing... And that’s when I FINALLY started gaining muscle mass at an accelerated rate.

You see, my problem was that I was listening to the big steroid-injected dude in the gym... the fitness magazines that show you the "muscle pumping workouts"... The bodybuilding books written by the "pros." ... And all the other confused people in the online discussion forums who gave me conflicting advice.

And it was all complete and utter BULL$@%!...

The problem was all the generic material out there was written for average guys who DIDN'T have a problem gaining weight.

They WEREN'T hardgainers like us...

They WEREN'T skinny guys in the past...

They DIDN'T have a high metabolism...

The fact is...

Almost Everything You've Heard About Building Muscle Does Not Apply To YOU!

Most of the muscle-building information out there is written by someone who:

  a.) Was born with great muscle-building genetics and can grow muscle very easily just by picking up a dumbbell and fooling around in the gym a couple days a week.
  b.) Is a steroid-injected freak who has so much testosterone coursing through his veins that he can spend 3 hours in the gym, eat a snickers bar and he'd still pack on muscle.
  c.) Works for a greedy publication company and gets paid to come up with "new and creative" workouts in order to sell more magazines or books. This person doesn't care how effective his advice is, as long as it sells!!

Would you want to take advice from any of these people?

Now things are starting to make sense. You can't afford to waste another second listening to unqualified people, leading you down the wrong path.

You need a specialized program for your specific body type and genetics if you ever want to gain weight.

Do you want to go from scrawny and weak... to BIG and POWERFUL - QUICKLY?

Lucky for you - you don't have to go through the long hard struggles I did to figure out how to put on slabs of muscle weight quickly... Nope.

In fact right now I'm going to reveal:

The 5 Most Common Mistakes Skinny Guys Make When Trying To Gain Weight & Build Muscle:

Skinny Guy Mistake 5
Taking Advice From Bodybuilding Magazines
muscle building magazines

Bodybuilding magazines have a hidden agenda... and are should NOT be considered a "trusted resource" for muscle-building information.
This is an easy trap to fall in to. Magazines have big buff dudes on the cover so they must have legitimate information in there, or else they wouldn't be in business, right?


The sad truth is... these muscle-building magazines are owned by supplement companies!

And most of the magazine's revenue is generated from the supplements they endorse in the magazines.

Do you STILL trust these magazines?

But what about all the fancy, cutting-edge exercises they have that are guaranteed to "chisel your abs" or "add inches to your biceps?"

Let me ask you, What would happen if they didn't come out with new workouts and exercise plans?

They would go out of business!

So their business depends on coming up with new and "creative" exercises and convincing you that it's the "next best thing" that will accelerate your results...

Truth is, these magazines are full of nonsense that will have you doing all kinds of ass-backwards bodybuilding techniques that are NOT proven to get results. Pure garbage.

Skinny Guy Mistake 4
Wasting Money On Bogus Supplements
That Keep You Skinny And Broke...
muscle building magazines

The TRUTH is, most supplements are a complete waste of money... There are just a handful of supplements that will actually help you gain weight.
One of the biggest questions I get from skinny guys is, "What supplements can I take to gain weight?"

I won't lie, there are a few good ones... And you'll find out what they are soon enough...

But the TRUTH is, most supplements are complete garbage!

The bodybuilding supplement industry is a multi billion-dollar "cash cow" that stuffs money in the pockets of bigwig CEO's on a daily basis.

These greedy companies know that all they have to do is come out with another magic pill or powder that claims to boost testosterone, add muscle, cut fat... or anything else you can think of - And they'll get another windfall of cash so they can buy another Benz.

Yeah... It's sick when you know what really goes on behind the scenes.

Like I said, there are only a handful of supplements that will give you a slight edge... But only if you know how and when to use them.

Skinny Guy Mistake 3
Ignoring Muscle-Building Hormones That Can
Boost Your Results By 200% Or More!
muscle building magazines

When you know how to naturally manipulate your anabolic muscle-building hormone levels you gain an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE, and building muscle becomes a whole lot easier.
There are 6 key hormones that you need to manipulate to turbo charge your mass building results...

I'll give you a hint: One of them is testosterone. Duh.

...And there are very powerful ways you can maximize this muscle-building, fat burning hormone that will have you growing out of your skin...

Here's one simple way you can boost your T levels overnight:

Eat high fat, high protein foods like salmon, nuts, beef, seeds, etc.

But don't go overboard... Too much of a good thing can lead to extra fat gains. You need to know how much of these foods to eat to get the full effect!

There are also 5 other little-known hormones that you MUST know how to manipulate as well. Ignore these and you can forget about gaining massive weight in lightning-quick time.

Skinny Guy Mistake 2
Training Too Often.
muscle building magazines

Training too often can actually lead to SLOWER muscle gains! I'll show you exactly how to train for extraordinary muscle growth.
This is one of the most common problems I see with hardgainers who want to bulk up. And that's why it made #2 on the list.

I was guilty of this myself...

It's called "overtraining" and everyone's doin' it. You'd think that going to the gym 6-7 days a week vs. 2-3 days a week would get faster results, right? Well, it sounds like it would make sense, but this is actually completely false!

This seems to be the hardest concept for people to actually accept. Let me explain...

You see, when you go to the gym and lift heavy weights, your objective is to break down muscle fibers in order to elicit a growth response from your body.

You get BIGGER when your body repairs that damaged muscle tissue... It responds by growing the muscle fibers BIGGER AND STRONGER than they were before.

So your muscles grow when you are resting... NOT when you are in the gym lifting weights!

There's 2 main things your body needs to grow after heavy lifting: Food and rest.

In other words, you need to not only feed your body with enough calories to grow larger, you also need to give it time to repair your muscle tissue and grow larger and stronger!

Otherwise, if you continue to break down your muscle fibers by going to the gym 6 days a week, your body has no chance to repair and grow larger... Therefore your plan backfires in your face and you actaully get weaker and smaller!

This is one of the main reasons guys go to the gym day after day, working their butt off, only to see NO results for their efforts. Heck, I did this when I first started too!

Oh, and one more downside of training too often... It lowers testosterone levels, which is like another slap in the face!

But now you know better.

Skinny Guy Mistake 1
Eating The WRONG Food To Build
Muscle Mass And Gain Weight Fast...
muscle building magazines

Eating is one of the most misunderstood aspects of gaining muscle mass... and it's where most skinny guys drop the ball completely.
"No matter what I eat, I just can't seem to gain weight..."

Does that sound familliar?

You may have tried gaining weight in the past by eating more food. But was it the right food? And did you really eat enough?

Eating is one of the most misunderstood aspects of gaining muscle mass and this is where most skinny guys drop the ball completely.

In order to gain weight and build muscle mass you need to feed your muscles exactly what they need to grow... And that doesn't include things like chips, hot dogs, cake, cookies, etc. Those things will just make you fat.

If you want to get BIG, you need to eat the right kind of food to feed your muscles and get them growing.

Now that you're starting to understand why most guys are doing everything backwards and sabotaging their own results...

I Have A Confession To Make:

For the last few years I've been flying "under the radar" using my own "blueprint" to pack on slabs of solid muscle mass in record time...

All while the so-called "experts" continue to preach that you should settle for a measly 5 - 10 pounds of muscle gain PER YEAR.

HA-HA! I don't know about you, but I don't want to wait an entire year just to gain a pathetic 5 or 10 pounds.

So I chose not to wait. I discovered a better way.

While others followed the same tired old advice from magazines and meatheads in the gym...

I was quietly adding pound-after-pound of muscle mass to my skinny frame every week.

To tell you the truth, I never even planned on releasing my "weight gain blueprint" to the public. Heck, I was just happy that I finally cracked the code to gaining weight for myself!

But then I realized...

What if someone had given me this valuable information when I was struggling to gain weight?
  • How many wasted hours in the gym would that have saved me?

  • How many THOUSANDS of dollars in bogus supplements could I have saved?

  • How much QUICKER could I have gained this weight?
That's when I knew that so many other skinny guys could benefit from this information. I couldn't just keep this all to myself like some greedy asshole.

So I went to work immediately - recalling the exact steps I took to gain weight in record time. I left no stone unturned.

Over the next 6 months I put EVERYTHING into a simple step-by-step format you can follow to gain massive muscle weight in the shortest time possible.


"Weight Gain Blueprint"

The Hardgainer's Step-By-Step Guide To
Gaining Weight & Building Muscle Fast

I named this course "Weight Gain Blueprint" because that's what it is... It's a no-fail blueprint for building solid mass... and if you follow it YOU WILL GAIN WEIGHT. It's designed to force your body to pack on muscle mass as quickly as possible.

Stop laughing. I'm not joking. And I'm going to guarantee it. If this course fails to "SLAP the skinny out of you" and turn you into a muscular badass within the next 8 weeks... then I'll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

How many personal trainers are willing to do that?

But you should know: Nobody has EVER tried using these methods to gain weight and failed. If you follow the step-by-step instructions inside you WILL gain weight. PERIOD.

Inside You'll Discover...

  • The REAL reason you can't gain weight. And how to instantly crush this roadblock with an iron fist so you're free to rapidly slap on as much muscle mass as you desire.

  • How to become the fastest-growing guy in your gym ... And leave the gym rats in SHOCK, wondering how you come back bigger... stronger... able to life MORE weight every single week without fail... and you're only there 3 days a week for a quick 60-minute workout.

  • The ONLY 7 supplements that will make any significant effect on your gains - and exactly how to use them for maximum results. All the rest are a complete waste of your hard-earned money, making greedy supplements companies filthy rich! Don't get burned.

  • This little-known hormone doesn't just increase muscle size... It increases the number of actual muscle FIBERS for explosive steroid-like growth! Here's exactly how to "turn the switch" that unleashes this powerful hormone after every single workout.

  • Learn how to build a MASSIVE pair of sleeve-tearing biceps and triceps. And see why most people are DEAD WRONG about how they train for arm growth.

  • 6 "magic hormones" that control your muscle building destiny. And how to make them all your BITCH, manipulating each one, turning your body into a muscle-building factory... almost overnight.

  • The stone cold TRUTH about training to failure. Is it really necessary, or are you just a glutton for punishment? (This is one truth that WILL set you free.)

  • Forget about dangerous steroids! Here's how to unleash an endless supply of your body's own natural hormones, throwing your muscles into anabolic overdrive so you can bulk up FAST. (This is the secret natural bodybuilders use to slap on pounds of muscle quickly without drugs.)

  • Steal my #1 best kept secret that DOUBLED my gains... While spending HALF the time in the gym. (Once you know this you'll chuckle at these goofballs wasting their time growing at a snail's pace.)

  • Why your current workout SUCKS! And what exercises you must use to tap deep into your body's muscle fibers, literally FORCING your muscles to grow like a genetic freak.

  • Do you really need to "get a pump" to have an effective workout? Some say yes, others say no... I solve this riddle once and for all. (The answer will shock you.)

  • The ONLY exercises you need to pack on your first 40 pounds of muscle mass. Deviate from these exercises and you'll waste your time and bring your growth to a screeching halt! But if you use them... you'll not only grow like a genetic mutant, you'll earn the respect of everyone in the gym who actually knows what they're doing.

  • Discover the "HOLY GRAIL" of muscle building foods that are guaranteed to give you FREAKISH SIZE GAINS. (Every ectomorph and hardgainer NEEDS to see this!)

  • How to automatically break through any muscle-building plateau. (There are 5 simple ways and it's actually easier than most people believe.) NEVER get stuck at the same weight for more than a week!

  • Discover the "BIG 3" warm-ups I do before each workout that skyrockets my strength levels and allows me to lift HEAVIER WEIGHTS. Heavier weights = more muscle growth. This little trick separates the amateurs from the REAL men who get results.

  • Chicken legs? FORGET ABOUT IT! I'll show you the secrets to building a pair of MASSIVE tree-trunk legs and beefy calves that you can be proud of. Your quads will want to tear through your jeans once you put these methods to work.

  • How to launch a no holds barred assault on your muscle fibers... That leaves your body absolutely no choice but to GROW... and grow fast. Stop scouring the internet for useless workouts and finally get the insider techniques that bulk you up quick.

  • The EXACT formula for muscle growth you need to follow each time you set foot in the gym. How many sets you should do... How many reps... How long you should rest... What exercises to do... How much weight you should lift... How long your workouts should last ... (You'll NEVER see this anabolic muscle-building formula on any website or in any magazine.)

  • Exactly what to eat BEFORE your workout so you'll have the RAW POWER of a gorilla as you tear through your workouts with maximum strength and energy. (Follow this rule and you'll wonder why you ever bothered coming to the gym before you used this tactic.)

  • How to BUILD MUSCLE IN YOUR SLEEP! Did I stutter? Here's what to eat before you go to sleep that GUARANTEES you'll wake up in the morning with more muscle on your body!

  • My "Down N' Dirty" diet trick created specifically for skinny guys with a fast metabolism that will FORCE your body to GROW all day long! (People thought I was crazy for doing this... Now they can't stop talking about how ridiculously effective it is.)

  • Exploit the 3 hidden "windows of opportunity" to spur on rapid muscle growth... I'll show you what to eat during these three special times of the day so that your body grows muscle tissue at an almost un-human rate of speed. (This one technique is largely responsible for my quick size gains.)

  • Many so-called "experts" will tell you to drink THIS for more bulk. TELL THEM TO SCREW OFF ...Because drinking this could actually be adding more FAT than MUSCLE. You don't want to turn into a soft, mushy doughboy, do you?

  • Ingest THESE 2 THINGS immediately after your workout to naturally engorge your muscles with a hormone that's even MORE anabolic than testosterone!

  • And much, MUCH MORE... This is just the tip of the iceberg!!!

Imagine What You'll Look Like
In Just A Few Weeks...

Imagine stepping on the scale in just 8 weeks from now and that number staring back at you is 20 pounds more than you're used to seeing.

Week by week... You'll be standing in the mirror, tape measure in hand - with a smile on your face that just won't go away.

Arms, chest, biceps so ripped up you'll think it's not really "your" body... You'll have to pinch yourself to prove it's really "All you!"

This system you're getting is not just a bunch of paper, and ink, and downloadable files that will sit on your hard-drive. It's literally a roadmap... a blueprint... a formula for packing on as much muscle weight as you want - In the shortest time possible!

Where's PROOF That This
Actually Works?

Look, this isn't just something that worked for me...

The Weight Gain Blueprint program has been downloaded by THOUSANDS of skinny guys in over 40 different countries worldwide - who are using these methods to bulk up FAST.

Even after they've tried other diets... workouts... and supplements that have failed them in the past.

Here are just a few of the emails I get on a daily basis from guys who have used this program:

...And that's just a handful of the HUNDREDS of emails I've received from guys who have used this powerful weight gain system that you're getting your hands on today.

...And now YOU are getting full, unrestricted access to the exact same techniques that thousands of other guys have relied on to transform their bodies from skinny to muscular - so you don't have to go on being a "just another skinny guy" the rest of your life!

"Alright So What Am I
Actually Getting Here?"

Everything. I'm equipping you with all the muscle building "secrets" that took me YEARS to discover through trial and error.

Luckily you won't have to go through the same guesswork I did. It's all laid out for you here in an easy-to-read format and you'll get immediate online access to everything in just minutes.

You're getting INSTANT ACCESS to...

The Complete Weight Gain Blueprint Manual
The Hardgainer's Step-By-Step Guide To Gaining Weight & Building Muscle Fast!

This is the instantly downloadable 114 page e-book that will reveal how to pack on pounds of solid muscle mass at warp speed.

It's written by me, Jeff Masterson, in plain language that's easy to understand, direct, and to the point.

There's no beating around the bush here with muscle-building theory. No, you won't find any of that boring college lecture material in here. This is nothing but the hard-hitting TRUTH that exposes the exact steps I took to gain 38 pounds of muscle mass.

Open this book and you'll be blown away at the powerful muscle-building methods I explain to you in vivid detail.

Anabolic Muscle-Building Workouts
Full 26-Week Mass-Building Weight Training Program For Accelerated Weight Gain And Muscle Growth

Printable workout sheets you can take to the gym with you to track your progress. You'll never walk into the gym again without knowing exactly what you're doing.

These are the exact workouts that are responsible for my massive spurt in muscle gains. Now they're yours to use! (Think of this as your secret weapon when you enter the gym.)

Weight Gain Meal Plans
Fully-Customizable Weight Gain Diet Plans That Show You Exactly What (And How) To Eat To Gain Weight Fast

No more guesswork. Inside these pages you'll find the most effective muscle-building meal plans in existence, designed specifically for ectomorphs & hardgainers!

You'll NEVER ask the question, "What should I eat to gain weight" ...ever again.

Just print-and-go. It's all done for you.

There are 11 different versions, from 2,000 calories all the way up to 4,000 calories...

So whether you weigh 120 pounds or 200 pounds, you'll get the perfect meal plan that will feed your muscles EXACTLY what they need to grow.

Follow these meal-plans and get ready for a burst of new muscular growth all over your body!

Weight Gain Blueprint Quick-Start Guide
Your step-by-step "playbook" that tells you what to do first, second, third, fourth, etc.

I truly can't make gaining unlimited muscle mass any easier... any more straightforward than this.

You'll NEVER be left wondering what to do next.

I even pull back the curtain and walk you through a typical day in my life as I rapidly gained 38 pounds of muscle... From the time my alarm clock goes off to the time I go to sleep, you'll get to be a fly on the wall and see exactly what I did to slap on so much muscle so quickly.

This Program Is NOT For Everyone...

If you are genetically gifted and you find it easy to gain weight and build muscle then this program is NOT for you...

If you've never been a skinny guy then this program is NOT for you...

If you are overweight or obese, and you're trying to lose weight then this program is NOT for you... This program is designed for skinny guys to gain a large amount of muscle weight in a short time.

If you're not willing to follow the simple instructions in this program and apply what you learn, or if you're too lazy to actually read the manual, then this is NOT for you...

I want to stress... That this program is ONLY for skinny guys who have a hard time gaining muscle weight – and who want to bulk up and gain weight fast.

What Would It Be Worth For You To Gain 20... 40... Even 60 Pounds?

How happy would you be to look in the mirror just a few short weeks from now and see a big, muscular figure staring back at you? Then you realize... THAT'S YOU!

How good would it feel to walk around with the new confidence that comes with having large muscles popping through your shirt? Do you think people would look at you differently? Do you think they'd treat you with respect?

You're damn right!

Wouldn't it be wonderful to finally know EXACTLY what to do when you walk into the gym... And KNOW that what you're doing is going to add yet another 2-3 pounds of solid muscle mass to your body?

What will you do when girls start to notice you more? Because they will. And I hope you're man enough to handle it.

How important is it for you to stop dreaming of these results and start living them now? You want to experience them now, don't you?

And while we're on the subject, let me ask you an important question:

If You Don't Do This...
What Will You Do?

I don't mean to sound harsh, but if you don't give "Weight Gain Blueprint" a shot, what other options do you have to gain 20 pounds of muscle?

If you keep doing the same thing you've been doing you'll continue to get the same results.

You could continue to spend HUNDREDS... or THOUSANDS of dollars on supplements hoping you'll stumble across the "miracle pill" that boosts your testosterone... gets you "shredded" or makes you gain weight automatically.

...But if you've read this letter you already know that's a load of crap.

You could hire a "dime-a-dozen" personal trainer for $70/hour (who paid 500 bucks to get a personal trainer certification - and now all of a sudden he's an expert.)

Do me a favor and ask your personal trainer when was the last time he helped someone gain 20 pounds of muscle.

He'll say it's impossible.

He's an idiot.

But lets say you decide to actually trust this joker who trains everyone from high-school kids to little old ladies.

Let's say you train 3 one-hour sessions a week with him - at $70 bucks an hour... That's $840 a month!

And unless that trainer was using my system, you STILL won't have a muscular body to show for it... Not by a long shot!

What about steroids?

Are you KIDDING me? If you want shrunken nuts, a pair of bitch tits, acne, and balding head, plus you don't mind dishing out $500 bucks a month for needles, juice, and all the other crap that goes along with it ... then be my guest.

Me? No thanks. I get steroid-like muscle gains WITHOUT sticking a big needle in my ass.

And YOU can too. Starting right now.

So How Much Is All This Gonna Cost?

The fact is, most skinny guys would crawl across broken glass to get their hands on "insider information" like this... (I know I would have.)

But today you're getting full access to EVERYTHING - handed to you on a silver platter.

The HARD COPY version of this program goes for just $127 and gets shipped to your doorstep. And with all the valuable information packed inside, it's well worth it!

But here's why you're NOT going to pay the normal price...

I've moved everything online. So you WON'T have to pay the normal $127 to get your hands on this life-changing information today...

Since I don't have to deal with the crazy printing and shipping costs I've drastically reduced the price of the entire "Weight Gain Blueprint" system to just $67!

That's less than the cost of a 10 lb. tub of protein powder!

Once you place your order you will instantly be taken to the "members only" area where you'll be able to download the entire Weight Gain Blueprint program to your computer.

You can access the Weight Gain Blueprint program using either a Mac or a PC. The material comes in PDF format, which you can read from your computer (like an ebook) or you can print it out.

monkeyWhat?! You're not good with technology?

Don't worry... It's SO EASY to access the program online, a monkey could do it! And if you ever need help you can always email us here.

PLUS, you won't have to wait 4-6 days for the package to arrive in the mail, either. Instead, you'll get INSTANT ACCESS to the member's area where you'll be able to download the entire package and get started in just minutes from now!

But here's the catch.

You NEED to hurry, because I WILL be raising the price very soon without warning. I'm offering this program at the low price of just $67 for a limited time only.

After that the price will skyrocket up to $97 where it belongs. (I'm not kidding.)

You and I both know that this proven muscle-building system is worth MUCH more than the $67 you're investing today...

If you're seeing this page right now, then YES, it's still available for the low price of just $67, but you need to hurry!

And You'll Risk NOTHING. Because You're Completely Covered By My...

Gain Weight Or Its FREE Money Back Guarantee

Trust me... Nobody else has the BALLS to make that kind of guarantee! So why can I do it?

Because this system flat-out works.

...If it didn't work there's no way I could make that guarantee. So take my system for a test-drive right now and watch yourself grow faster than you thought was humanly possible.

But Let Me Make This Deal
Even Sweeter For You...

I'm also giving you these exclusive bonuses valued at $94.87 for FREE!

These fast-action bonuses are available to you INSTANTLY after you click the order button...

Weight Gain Progress Tracker
($19.95 value, FREE)

One of the most important things when gaining mass is to track your results... Now you can see how fast you're growing!

This Weight Gain Progress Tracker will allow you to keep track of all your important measurements each week. Body weight, lean muscle mass, and body fat percentage.

Simply fill in the blanks once a week and you'll know exactly how much muscle you're gaining. Watch your muscle gains EXPLODE before your eyes as you move up the scale.

Muscle-Building Food Cheat Sheet
($26.00 value, FREE)

I've already given you foolproof meal plans that are PROVEN to pack on loads of muscle mass fast... But what if you want to get creative and switch things up?

This Muscle Building Food Cheat Sheet is simply the "icing on the cake." Inside this "Cheat Sheet" you'll find a HUGE list of delicious foods that get my muscle-building stamp of approval.

Use it to swap out foods in your meal plan... Without worrying about screwing it up and affecting your gains.

Yep, you can feel confident eating anything on this cheat sheet knowing that you're eating the RIGHT food that will help you GROW.

Easy Calorie Calculator
($28.97 value, FREE)

Wanna know how many calories you need to eat in order to gain weight? Simply whip out this calculator, and in the click of a mouse you'll know... INSTANTLY.

All you need to know is your bodyweight.

I told you, I've left no stone unturned didn't I? :-) FORGET the complicated math equations ... all you want to do is gain muscle... Not sit there and solve math problems.

I had this calculator programmed to tell you EXACTLY how much protein... carbohydrates... and fat YOU need to eat to pack on slabs of lean, rock-hard muscle as quickly as possible WITHOUT getting fat in the process.

(If you've tried eating more food to gain weight in the past and failed, this will solve that problem once and for all. Now you'll know EXACTLY how much you need to eat to make SCARY muscle gains.)

Duration: 45 minutes

Loading Audio Player...

Explosive "Hot Seat Interview" With Jeff Masterson
($19.95 value, FREE)

This is the exclusive interview that left people's jaws on the ground.

Fitness enthusiast Tyler Foo grilled me with one of the best questions I've ever been asked... I agreed to answer the question on an exclusive interview with him over the phone.

And it turned into one of the most hard-hitting jam-packed coaching sessions I've ever done!

Here's the famous question he asked:

"If you lost all your muscle and became skinny again, what would you do to gain enough muscle to feel confident walking on the beach with your shirt off in just 8 weeks?"

He opened up a can of worms there. So I spilled my guts for a full 45 minutes and unleashed everything I know about going from skinny to muscular in the fastest time possible.

And you're getting access to this exciting interview FREE right now.

26 weeks from now... after you've gained pounds of muscle mass, you'll look back and laugh at all the things you used to do that KEPT YOU SKINNY all these years!

...But now that you've got this program you're not skinny anymore. You know the truth. You know what works. And you're getting results to prove it.

Let me ask you...

Is A New, Muscular, Jaw-Dropping
Body Worth $67 To You?

It sure would be worth it if you're single and after a few weeks your muscles start growing and you start to attract beautiful women, twice as hot as your previous girlfriends...

Women SWARMING around you.

Could you imagine the new life that's waiting for you?

It sure would be worth it if you ever found yourself in a fight with one or more men. When your safety is on the line, your BRUTE STRENGTH is all you have to survive.

If you were H-U-G-E, do you really think it's going to be easy for men to kick sand in your face?

I don't think so!

It sure would be worth it if you want to demand more RESPECT. Imagine walking into a room and turning heads. People move out of your way when you walk. When you talk people listen... And they give you what you want.

The world is what you make of it. Life is too short to be skinny.

Just imagine how good you'll look with another 15... 25... 45 pounds of rock-hard muscle.

Listen, I don't care how many times you've failed before or how terrible your muscle-building genetics are. When you put this system to work for you, you'll gain massive amounts of weight quickly. PERIOD.

But YOU NEED TO HURRY - Remember, I'm only giving this away at the low $67 price for the "early birds." Soon the price will jump back up to $97 where it belongs!

Enough talk. Lets bulk you up. I'll see you on the other side ...

Get INSTANT ACCESS To The Entire Weight Gain Blueprint System!

Yes! Count me in, Jeff!

Please give me INSTANT ACCESS to the entire Weight Gain Blueprint system so I can start packing on muscle mass as fast as humanly possible!

  YES - Give me INSTANT ACCESS to the "Weight Gain Blueprint" system in downloadable format so I can hit the ground running and start putting these strategies to work for me immediately!

  YES - Give me immediate access to my $94.87 worth of FREE Bonuses - Including the Weight Gain Progress Tracker, Muscle Building Food Cheat Sheet, Calorie Calculator, and the Hot Seat Interview with Jeff Masterson.

  YES - I also understand that I get a FULL 60 DAYS to try the system risk-free. ...So I really can't lose! If I don't gain AT LEAST 20 pounds or more in the next 60 days... or if I'm unsatisfied for any reason at all I can simply contact you to get a full, prompt refund with NO questions asked! I'll get my full $67 back with no hassles!

On that basis, GIVE ME INSTANT ACCESS NOW ... before the price shoots back up and I miss my chance on this deal forever!

$127 $97 Just $67!
(One-time payment)

Add To Shopping Cart
Add To Cart In One Payment Of Just $67

The way I see it, you've got 3 options:

Option #1: Do nothing. Keep going the way you are now. Keep being frustrated and risk staying skinny for the rest of your life because you didn't take action.

Keep training hard in the gym getting no results... Keep wasting money on supplements... Keep yourself in the dark... wondering what the KEY is to bulking up fast.

Option #2: Take what you learned here today and try to "wing it."

You could take the basic ideas I shared with you today... and you might get some results... But you'll still be missing out on the MAJOR SECRETS inside the Weight Gain Blueprint program that are going to give you the BIG surge in muscle growth.

Wouldn't you rather have a sure thing?

Wouldn't you rather have a simple system that literally thousands of guys around the world have already used to go from skinny to muscular?

Wouldn't you rather have that "in your corner" as you go along your muscle building journey?

Option #3: Risk NOTHING at all today... Grab the "Weight Gain Blueprint" training for...

$127 just a measly $67...

Devour the material, put it into action and see how long it takes before that smile finally comes off your face.

26 weeks from now... After you've gained pounds of rock-solid muscle mass...

You'll look back and laugh at all the things you used to do that KEPT YOU SKINNY all these years!

All you have to do to get started is click the big "Add To Cart" button below...

You'll gain INSTANT access to EVERYTHING so you can start gaining weight tonight...

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This groundbreaking information will transform your body so radically, not even your pets will recognize you!

I can tell you that this course has changed my life. And I GUARANTEE it will do the same for you.

To your speedy gains,
Jeff Masterson
Jeff Masterson
Former Skinny Guy & Muscle Building Coach

P.S. Remember, you're completely covered by my rock-solid 60-day "Gain Weight Or It's Free" 100% Money-Back Guarantee. So you risk nothing by ordering this course right now!

If you're not happy with how FAST you're gaining weight over the next 60 days then you'll get a complete and prompt refund of every penny you spent.

P.P.S. Every day that passes you by is another chance you could have been using these simple muscle-building techniques.

How much longer are you going to wait before you finally decide it's time to sculpt the body you've always wanted? Haven't you gone on looking like this long enough? Don't you deserve some REAL muscle mass NOW?

P.P.P.S. Here are a few more success stories that guys have sent in to me after using this powerful weight gain system...

Now It's YOUR Turn To Change Your Body... And Your Life Forever

I personally guarantee that the methods I've learned for gaining weight and building muscle will save you months... even years of wasted time and effort.

If you're STILL struggling to gain weight... eating a like a horse and not gaining a pound... working out non-stop with no muscle gains to show for it...

...Then I want to give you access to the most POWERFUL, effective way to gain weight and build muscle mass quickly. All without using drugs or silly fad supplements.

I don't care if you've tried everything to gain weight and failed before! The little-known methods you're about to discover right now inside the Weight Gain Blueprint program will get you growing like a weed.

Click the "Add To Cart" button below right now to get started... And let me show you how to wake up tomorrow morning with more muscle on your body.

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